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Introduction to the Composition and Details of the Glasses

Nowadays, more and more people wear glasses, whether it is elementary school students, adults, or the elderly will wear glasses, glasses will soon become a necessity for people. Glasses are not only functional but also popular as decorative items.

Composition of glasses

1. Lens: a component embedded in the front ring of the glasses, one of the most important components of the glasses.

2. Nose bridge: Connecting the left and right eye-shaped accessories

3. Nose pads: Support when wearing.

4. Pile head: The joint between the lens ring and the lens angle is generally curved.

5. Mirror legs: The hooks are mounted on the ears and can be moved. They are connected to the pile head and serve as a fixed lens ring. Pay special attention to the size of the mirror legs when wearing glasses, which directly affects the wearing comfort.

6. Screws and nuts: Metal fittings for connection and locking.

7. Locking block: Tighten the screws to tighten the locking blocks on both sides of the lens ring-opening to fix the function of the lens.

Types of glasses

1. Myopia glasses: It is a kind of glasses for correcting vision and allowing people to see distant objects clearly. The purpose is to keep the ciliary muscle of the eyeball with a certain adjustment ability. In layman's terms, it is hard to see things five meters away, so it's time to check your eyesight.


2. Sunglasses: Block ultraviolet rays, protect eyes, and can also be used for decoration.

3. Decorative matching glasses: Fashionable, distinctive glasses, matching clothing, and other functions, not functional.

4. Reading glasses: Glasses used by people with presbyopic eyes. It is mostly used to supplement vision in the elderly.

5. 3D glasses: The most advanced "time-division method" is adopted today, and it is realized by the signal synchronized between 3D glasses and the display.

6. Night vision goggles and driver's mirror: night vision goggles are auxiliary observation tools based on night vision technology and with the help of photoelectric imagers. Driver's mirror, the eyes of motor vehicles are exposed to more serious light pollution such as glare when moving at a high speed.

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