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Introduction to electronics and digital accessories

The purchase of digital accessories is much simpler than the purchase of digital products. After all, its price is not high, so you will not be too tangled when buying, but it is not so easy to buy the right and reliable accessories. After all, the optional range is too large, if you want to buy the right one, then take a look at Betteryoyo.

When traveling, a mobile phone is a necessity. In addition to the important tasks of communication, it can also be used to take pictures and pass time for entertainment. Therefore, the power of the mobile phone is the first element of choice, so the battery power should be about 4000mAh, but not too big in volume. There are still many mobile phones on the market.

Some people will bring a book they are reading recently, but with more and more things in the box or backpack, it is cumbersome to bring books, but it is not convenient to read books with mobile phones, so Kindle Paperwhite is very suitable. Basically, whether on an airplane or on a train during the journey, most of the time is spent with Kindle Paperwhite. You can read a few pages of books or travel guides, and can also collect good sentences when you encounter them. The key is that it does not take up space and saves a lot of power. It can be used for one month after one charge. The ultra-clear electronic ink screen and backlight can ensure clear reading at any time.

Although the power of digital devices has generally been improved, it is still inconvenient to go out without a mobile power. Some people think that the charging treasure is large and heavy, and also need to bring a charging head and a data cable, but the power bank is really convenient and important.

Of course, in addition to some of the digital products mentioned above, it is necessary to bring some card readers, U disks, notebook computers, tablet computers, etc. as needed.

Besides, you should know some mobile phones and computer accessories, for example:

1. Multi-port USB charger

Whether it is a mobile phone or a computer, there is no way to operate normally without electricity. And if you want to have electricity, you need to charge. If you want to charge, you need to use a charger and electricity. If you want to charge more conveniently, a multi-port USB charger needs to be prepared in advance.

2. Fast charging data cable

Whether it's charging, or storing things on a computer device, you need a data cable. And a fast charging data cable can not only bring a more efficient charging speed and a smooth charging experience, but also bring you a faster transmission speed.

3. Converter

I believe everyone knows that the interface between Android devices and Apple devices is different. If you encounter different devices, let alone charge them, you can’t even transfer things to your computer. Therefore, an easy-to-use converter is also an accessory that needs to be prepared in advance.

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