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How to wear an jade necklace geniusly

There are many styles of jade necklaces, so women who love beauty should learn how to match necklaces. A good match makes the whole person look decent, noble, and elegant. So, what are the simple tips for wearing and matching jade necklaces?

First of all, the jade necklace must be matched with the clothing, and harmoniously echoed with the clothing. The thickness of the jade necklace should be proportional to the thickness of the wearer's neck. Usually, the length of a short jade necklace is about 40cm. If it matches with such a necklace, then we have to wear low-necked clothes. The length of the medium-length jade necklace is about 50cm. This necklace with fashion jewellery designs can be matched with any clothes, very versatile.

Long jade necklaces are usually about 60cm, and most of these jade necklaces are sweater chains. On social occasions, the long jade necklace is very attractive to others.

Besides, when wearing necklaces, we must pay attention to the color matching. The color of the necklace should be in contrast to the color of the clothing. With this matching method, we will appear to be particularly energetic. For example, when we wear monochromatic or plain clothes, we match it with brightly colored jade necklaces to make the jewelry more eye-catching. Under the embellishment of jewelry, the quality of clothing has also been upgraded. If we wear brightly colored clothing, we should match it with a concisely designed necklace, so that the jewelry will not be overwhelmed by the gorgeous clothing colors, and the generous jewelry can also balance the color of the clothing.


Emerald necklaces or jade pendants should be coordinated when matching. If you are on formal social occasions, you can’t choose those patterns that are too weird. It is best not to choose more than two necklace pendants to wear, which will be difficult to match clothes.

Emerald green jade necklaces are a good choice to match formal wear. If you match it with a gentle bag, it will show the elegance of the wearer. Women with long necks are suitable for wearing short jade necklaces. The mid-length jade necklace is more suitable for clothes with a wide neckline.

The long jade necklace is suitable for matching sweaters or simple long skirts. It is important to note that when wearing jade necklaces, it is better to match with earrings or bracelets of the same color and texture to achieve the best decorative effect.

Although most of the wearers of jade necklaces are women, there are also necklaces worn by men. The men's jade necklace has an elegant design, and the chain should not be too thin, which will look old-fashioned.

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