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How to Wear a Suit with a Cool Feeling in Spring and Summer

With spring and summer season coming up, this time in previous years men have started to pick spring and summer suits. This article will help you get your hands on the ideal spring/summer suit to have a cool feeling more quickly and accurately.

However, since the beginning of this year, it has been infected by the coronavirus, and many suit lovers put the suit purchase plan slightly behind.

But life must always continue. If you need to get a suit in advance for work and commuting, you must consider buying a suitable suit online.

In order to help you get started with the ideal spring and summer suits more quickly and accurately, and to compress unnecessary communication processes as much as possible, today's content will discuss with you about a few things about spring and summer suits.

Choose fiber on suit fabric

The idea of buying spring and summer clothes is definitely to develop with a cool and dry body sensation.

Process structure of suits

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If the suit does not have breathable, moisture-wicking, dehumidifying fabric performance, then even if its appearance is refined, it is not suitable. Especially in early spring, it is more complicated and erratic than the simple heat in summer. When the cold air passes, the damp and hot weather is quite difficult to overcome.

If you put on a suit with too much chemical fiber, it is estimated that you will take it off on your hand shortly after going out, and you don’t want to put it on a sticky body at all.

Therefore, the preferred fabric fibers are as usual, such as natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and hemp. They have inherent moisture absorption/dehumidification characteristics. The materials are of higher quality, and the constant temperature performance will be more obvious.

It is undeniable that cotton and hemp may be the priorities of most heat-fearing men, but the choice of wool still needs to be discussed.

After all, the all-season wool has always been the most classic and high-quality fabric of choice in suits. Soft and comfortable, naturally, balanced material performance is also the reason why wool fabric people love.

In addition to the drapery, whether it is a jacket or trousers, as long as it is hung normally for one night after use, the wool fabric can quickly restore the clothing to its original state with its excellent resilience.

This is because fabrics made of animal fibers such as wool and silk are generally less likely to wrinkle than plant fibers. Moreover, wool can also use steam to smooth most wrinkles, unlike linen and cotton after wrinkling which will be so difficult to take care of.

Even if you have always followed the principles of choosing linen for cool and breathable, and choosing cotton for light and skin-friendly, with the passage of wearing time, the effect of large folds and fine wrinkles has to be scrupulous.

For men in suits, the loss of trousers lines is equal to the loss of soul, so cotton and linen are often used in casual-oriented suits, which is basically not considered in business occasions.

If in the summer, you feel that the single fiber fabric can not meet your needs, then you might as well consider the blended fabric of silk, hemp, and wool.

The injection of silk and wool fibers can make up for the lack of elasticity, drape, and glossiness that linen lacks, but the final effect is more textured than ordinary wool fabrics, and it is still exquisite.

In other words, the blending of multiple fibers plays a complementary role. As for the specific performance tendency, it is mainly determined according to the respective proportions of multiple fibers.

Process structure of suits

In addition to the fabric, the process structure will also directly affect the sensation wearing suits.

Process structure of suits

As we all know, the reason why the suit has the effect of modifying the figure depends largely on the internal linings to outline the full and ideal appearance.

In general, if a man wants to make a thin body look more sturdy and sturdy, he will inevitably start with a heavy structure, like full linen lining, and thick shoulder pads; the upper body is naturally thick and has an inverted triangular shape, wearing an unlined or semi-lining suit can improve comfort and present a more natural state.

But in the hot weather, even if you are dissatisfied with your figure, you can't ignore the breathability. To be good-looking or comfortable, there is always a process to choose or not choose to achieve balance.

After all, every extra layer of linen and lining between the fabric and the body naturally greatly reduces the degree of breathability, so you can increase or decrease the structure according to the material properties of the fabric.

Fabrics that feel good enough to fit well can be considered unlined, while slightly rough wool fabrics with a half-lining mix balance of comfort and air permeability.

The contact surface between the body and the fabric is large, and the friction formed during the activity will cause some damage to the fabric. The setting of the semi-lining reduces the area where the fabric directly contacts the body, and the breathability is also improved.

The above is the sharing of ideas about the purchase of spring and summer suits, and all gentlemen can successfully find their own choice of suits. Even in the sweltering spring and summer, it is easy to wear a suit with a cool feeling!