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How to Use the Multi-function Wrench and Matters Needing Attention

The multi-function wrench has a preset torque value and a signaling device. When the tightening torque of the fastener reaches the preset value, it can automatically send out a signal, accompanied by obvious hand vibration. After the force is released, the relevant parts of the wrench are automatically reset. A two-way ratchet device is added to the head of the wrench, which is more convenient to use. Multi-function wrenches with so many advantages can be bought at Betteryoyo tapao online shop.

I. How to use a multi-function wrench

How do I use the multi-function wrench after purchasing it at the Betteryoyo tapao online shop? First, pull down the positioning sleeve on the handle, turn the handle to the required torque value, loosen the positioning sleeve and let it reset automatically so that the handle and the housing are locked. Then with an afterburner wrench to adjust the torque, turn the differential cylinder at the end of the wrench to the required torque value. Then turn the locking ring on the booster rod to align the red line with the engraved line, put on the booster rod, and turn the lock ring to lock the booster rod. For a torque wrench with a small torque, the alarm sounds very slightly at lower torque values and has a slippery feel, and it has reached the set torque value. Finally, if it is the first time to buy and use it from Betteryoyo tapao online shop or a torque wrench that has not been used for a long time, it should be operated at high torque 5 or 6 times before use and testing, so that the components can be lubricated.


II. Precautions for Multi-function Wrench

Pay attention to the following after purchasing a multi-function wrench at Betteryoyo tapao online shop:

1. To use this product, select the appropriate model according to the torque value requirements of the fasteners, and not exceed the range.

2. This product is a precision torque measuring instrument and must be used with care. It is strictly prohibited to knock, shake, knock, throw and use as a hammer.

3. This product can be used in both directions, but it is not allowed to loosen fasteners to prevent the accuracy of the indication from being affected by overload.

4. To ensure the accuracy of the torque value, the wrench should be checked and calibrated regularly.

5. When the wrench is found to be out of order or the value is inaccurate, it should be adjusted and repaired by a special meter.