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How to Maintain Car Seat Covers

1. Daily maintenance should be diligent, and always be careful not to scratch the car seat cover with sharp objects, and do not let all kinds of liquids spill on the car seat cover; if the car seat cover is accidentally dirty, wipe it gently with a wet towel. Always pay attention to avoid long-term direct sunlight exposure to the car seat cover in the car, which may change color.


2. Be careful when installing and disassembling. When installing and disassembling, don't pull the buckles, rubber bands, ropes, etc. for sewing and installation too hard, so as not to affect the use.



Car Seat Four Seasons Fashion Automobile Car Cushion Seat Cover


3. Be careful when cleaning the seat cover. Before cleaning the seat cover, please take off the small iron hooks or small accessories to avoid damage to the seat cover or washing machine; when washing the seat cover, the washing machine should be in high water level and gentle washing method, you can soak the seat cover at 30℃ for 10 minutes before washing.


4. You can rest assured that you can stack it for storage. The replaced seat cover can be stacked neatly and stored for future use; the general fabric car seat cover can be replaced once every 2 years.


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