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How to choose women's shirts?

What adult women need is a shirt that can create a "cool me" feeling. And a nice shirt is a multi-purpose single item, suitable for both the workplace and leisure.

Types of shirts suitable for women

1. Loose shirt

Loose shirts are actually very friendly to girls. Not only are they comfortable to wear, the wide silhouette can make girls look petite, but it is also easy to use some dressing tips to make the style more beautiful.


2. Shirts with large sleeves

The large sleeves can increase the fashion sense of regular shirts and also increase the femininity, so it is a very good choice, and the daily matching is also very simple, both men's trousers and women's skirts, it can be matched.


3. Stand-up collar shirt

Stand-up collar items can always show the temperament, a stand-up collar shirt with women's bottoms. This combination can give you some fresh fashion sense.


4. Long shirt

Long length can also bring a sense of fashion. A long white shirt can make you look fashionable. With a black dress, the distinctive layering will make you gorgeous.


Matching tips for cheap stylish clothes

1. A nice purple pants and a white shirt

A neat white shirt is cheap stylish clothes, paired with a pair of beautiful straight-leg pants, the dignified appearance does not lose a sense of youth. A gray double-breasted suit jacket will make the whole look more coordinated.

2. Silk dress and a white shirt

Orthodox plaid jacket with a white shirt and silk long skirt, coupled with a pair of simple white sneakers, the whole style will make you look like a beautiful flower.

3. White shirt and blue denim clothing

The holiday cowboy-style can make formal shirts and shoes casual. Buttoning up all the buttons of the shirt is the smart choice for casual wear. Many people are just the opposite. Unbutton the shirt during leisure and button it again for formal occasions. stand up. Finally, add a beautiful bag or scarf bracelet to increase the fashion of the shape.

4. Beautiful colorful shirt and wide pants

Choosing a lavender shirt with high-waisted and textured pleated wide pants will make the shirt feel good, without losing the neatness of the style.

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