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How to Choose the Right Winter Gloves

The cold winter is coming, maybe you need a pair of warm gloves. Although the gloves are small, you can't buy them casually. We should all know how to choose the right winter gloves.

Gloves are divided into two categories: sewing and knitting

Sewing gloves: There are single finger and split-finger styles, and the gloves are made of various leather or woven fabrics.

Knitted gloves: Use pure or blended yarns of various textile fibers, knitted on a glove machine, and processed by sewing, such as lining, crimping, sewing fingertips, and finger forks, etc., and then brushing or milling, heat setting, and finishing products. The organization of knitted gloves includes plain stitch, rib, tuck, etc., and the fancy patterns include plain and yarn-dyed jacquard. You can also find many kinds of gloves at a fashion shop online.


Glove shape classification

Gloves are divided into long, short, single-finger, and split-fingers according to the style. The fewer fingers that are separated, the better the heat preservation effect on the fingers, but it restricts the movement of the hands at the same time. In addition to the decoration of the half-finger and fingerless gloves, the flexibility of the fingers has also increased.

What kind of gloves is the warmest?

In the southern winter, you can choose leather, velvet/cotton single-layer gloves, or velvet lining gloves, which can also keep out the cold. In the northern winter, gloves made of thick cotton, fluffy, and fur are warmer.

Tips for choosing gloves in winter

It is advisable to choose a suitable size. If it is too large, it will not be able to keep warm and make it inconvenient to move the fingers; if it is too small, it will hinder the blood circulation of the hand and easily cause discomfort.

It is not advisable to buy artificial leather, nylon, or too thick materials for gloves for cycling in winter. Because artificial leather tends to become hard in winter; nylon is too slippery and has low friction, and it is easy to slip when riding a bicycle; if the material is too thick, it will make the fingers inconvenient to move, which is not conducive to riding safety.

Children with delicate skin should choose gloves made of soft cotton wool or elastic nylon fabric. The blood circulation of the elderly is poor, the hands and feet are particularly afraid of cold, and the skin is also dry. Therefore, light and soft fur, wool, cotton wool gloves should be purchased. In patients with hyperhidrosis, the skin on their hands is bruised in winter and feels clammy, but the palms are prone to sweating. When these people buy gloves, they should choose cotton gloves that are warm and have good water absorption.

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