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How to choose suitable sports shoes

Simple sports shoes are now becoming fashionable, and there are more and more styles. So how can we choose the sports shoes we want? In fact, not only shoes for women, all sports shoes can be selected according to the following tips.

The way the sneakers are closed

When it comes to the way that sports shoes are closed, many people will definitely find this word a bit unfamiliar. In fact, it can be divided into three types, one is the slip-on shoes, also called lazy shoes, there is also the most common shoelacing style, and the other is Velcro style.

1. Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are also called lazy shoes. Many people thought it was very unfashionable before, but now this kind of shoes is popular because some knitted fabric shoes adopt a large number of slip-on styles. There are also some shoes that directly use the design of socks and shoes, which is simple and neat, stylish and generous. Many hipsters and fashionistas like this kind of shoes, but this kind of shoes have different aesthetic requirements for everyone. Some people think it is really heavy and some people find it very comfortable to wear.


2. Tie shoelaces

Shoelace sports shoes are the most common in our daily life. Most sports shoes use this kind of design. The lace elements on the uppers are now also deduced by fashionistas in various patterns. Some brands directly produce color-changing shoes, but some brands directly print their logo on the shoelace. The small shoelace is not only an indispensable existence for shoes, but also as an embellishment of shoes.


3. Velcro style

We often see Velcro on the shoes worn by children. The reason is that compared to shoelaces, Velcro is very controllable and easy to put on and take off. It can reduce the time we have to bend over in shoes and slippers, it is faster, and the appearance of the model is also very stylish. Therefore, it is also welcomed by all fashionistas, they will buy many ladies shoes online.


Fashion elements

Now many sports shoes have broken our inherent impression of sports shoes, and more and more sports shoes have added a lot of fashion elements to the design. A few small changes make shoes avant-garde and fashionable. So when buying sports shoes, we must also consider fashion elements and our own aesthetics.

1. Solid color

Pure color is the most common and the most classic style in shoes. Pure color shoes can be used as a classic, such as popular white shoes. In sports shoes, we will often see pure white shoes with simple and neat shapes, which give you more space in the choice of other items.

2. Stitching color

The two elements of stitching and contrasting colors are used more on clothes, and now they have been transplanted to sports shoes in large numbers. The stitching and contrasting sports shoes have more personality. Stitching and contrasting colors themselves bring a sense of fashion, no matter how basic the single product is, it can play a good role in setting off, making the fashion sense of shoes more prominent.

3. Embroidery

Now the national style has spread to the fashion industry, especially the traditional Chinese culture with a history of five thousand years. It has become a constant source of inspiration for many designers. This kind of ethnic embroidery is also widely used in the design of shoes. The process of embroidering elements is usually carried out by machines, so the patterns are tidier, and various embroidered shoe upper decorations can make your style more perfect.

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