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How to choose nice pajamas

Nowadays, cities are developing very fast, and our pace of life is also accelerating. Under such circumstances, we just want to relax at home after a tiring day and put on comfortable pajamas. So, do you really know how to choose pajamas?

Choose by style

In order to meet the current diversified needs, the styles of pajamas are very diverse, generally divided into two types: one-piece pajamas and split pajamas.

1. One-piece pajamas

The most common one-piece pajamas are the nightdress. Whether it is a suspender, short-sleeved or long-sleeved nightdress, it is very popular among girls. This style of the nightdress is generally loose and straight, very comfortable, and highly breathable.

Selection suggestions:

Generally speaking, the styles of nightdresses are relatively similar. The advantage is that they are easy to put on and take off, free and without restraint, but the disadvantage is that they are not as warm as split-type nightwear. But the one-piece pajamas can better reflect the sexy charm of girls, exposing the skin of the shoulders, neck or legs, and can show their personal charm. You can buy them at some top women's clothing sites.


2. Split pajamas

Split pajamas are designed with separate clothes and trousers from top to bottom. Generally, it is a suit, which is the best for practicality and convenience. During our sleep, our pajamas will not be pulled up and down.

Selection suggestions:

Split pajamas have a better privacy. They are generally designed for tops and trousers, so they are safe and stress-free to wear outdoors. Split pajamas are very loose like the one-piece pajamas, so there is no requirement for the figure, and they can be worn regardless of fat or thin.


Choose by material

The comfort of pajamas will affect our sleep quality, and choose a comfortable and suitable pajamas is the most important thing. Therefore, when choosing pajamas, the material is also a point we need to consider. The materials of pajamas on the market are mainly divided into silk fabrics, cotton fabrics, and flannel fabrics.

1. Silk fabric

It is a very expensive fabric, widely used in clothing, its skin-friendly nature is unsurpassed by all other fabrics. So pajamas made of real silk have a silky touch, and the silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, which is very good for the skin.

Selection suggestions:

Pajamas made of silk fabrics are more expensive than other fabrics, but silk will give people a noble and elegant feeling, and the overall is relatively mature, which can enhance the temperament. Pajamas made of this kind of fabric are suitable for girls who are financially capable and mature women who want a high-end texture.

2. Cotton fabrics

There are many pajamas made of pure cotton on the market. Pure cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material and produced by textile technology. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, and hygiene. Pajamas made of this fabric are very breathable, will not have static electricity, and will be more comfortable.

Selection suggestions:

Pajamas made of pure cotton can be worn all year round without any limitations. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and girls with sensitive skin can also wear it. At the same time, the styles of pure cotton fabrics are generally relatively simple, and there is no requirement for age groups. But it should be noted that pure cotton fabrics may shrink.

3. Flannel fabric

Flannel fabric is a soft and suede cotton wool fabric woven with coarse cotton wool yarn. Its biggest feature is that it is very warm and does not have a heavy feeling. It is very light and thin, and it is welcomed by many girls.

Selection suggestions:

Compared to the other two fabrics, the surface of the flannel is covered with a layer of plump and delicate fluff, which has very good warmth retention. However, due to its manufacturing principle, there will be some hair loss, so it is recommended to wash it before wearing it.

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