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How to choose jeans according to body shape

Jeans can be fashionable and can also show individual personality, and can be worn on any occasion except for very formal occasions. Since jeans are so good, how do you choose jeans according to your body type?

What should thin men wear?

Slim low-rise straight-leg jeans: They are loose and won't draw attention to your thin legs.


Styles to avoid for thin men:

1. Wide-leg loose-fitting jeans: This type is too loose for you to control.

2. Skinny jeans: They are often too loose, causing a sloppy appearance and attracting attention to your thin legs. You will appear thinner.

3. High-waisted jeans: one line goes down, flat buttocks, lack of body charm.

What should athletic men wear?

1. Slim tailoring or straight-leg jeans: this type is more suitable for athletic men and looks more handsome.

2. Low-rise jeans: The jeans pocket should be wide and small, protruding your ass with personality.


Styles to avoid for athletic men:

Loose jeans: This covers up your physical strengths and will cause your legs to look larger than your upper body, causing imbalance.

What should muscular men wear?

There is a difference between athletic men and muscular men. Muscular men have much larger legs than sporty men. Wearing straight jeans will make you look like you are wearing tight jeans, which is the effect of muscularity.

1. Choose jeans that fit the legs: Fitting the legs is most suitable for muscular men. This style emphasizes a fit body. It is easy to match, you can buy cheap stylish clothes to match it.

2. The purpose is to make your back look smaller, so choose jeans with large and deep pockets.


Styles to avoid for muscular men:

Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans that are too tight will make you unable to exercise comfortably.

What should men with wide hips wear?

1. Loose-fit jeans: The size should be larger for a comfortable fit. The jeans stretch on the groin.

2. High-waisted straight-leg jeans: To maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses, keeping the same width of the hips and lower feet will make your figure look more perfect.

3. Loose jeans: It is usually good to choose the ones with wider legs and comfortable enough.


Styles to avoid for men with wide hips:

1. Slim fit or tapered jeans: It will create a feminine silhouette.

2. Low-rise jeans that show the hips: This can accentuate the wide hips and strengthen your wide hips.

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