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How to Choose a Tea Set for Home Use

Tea sets are in contact with many people at home every day. Be sure to choose appropriate non-toxic and healthy tea sets.

Which kind of tea set is better for home use?

1. Many friends will be casual in the choice of the tea set, thinking that the material is almost the same. In fact, many people now use ceramic materials, but the ceramic tea set is not the best for making tea, so what kind of tea set is the most suitable for home use?

2. It is said that the best and most suitable tea set for home use is a sandy tea set, such as a purple sand tea set, which is currently the most suitable tea set for making tea and home use. Because the purple sand tea set is much more natural than all other materials, the purple sand tea set can perfectly maintain the original mellowness of the tea and make the tea fragrance more lasting and strong. In addition, the heat insulation of the purple sand tea set is also very good. The purple sand tea set with so many advantages and the shape is very beautiful, of course, it is very popular. Not only can people experience the most natural way of making tea, but it also can bring people the visual effect of artistic appreciation.

After knowing which kind of tea set to buy for home use, let's introduce how to use it. And if you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

How to use a tea set?

A set of tea sets includes many things, including teacups, tea trays, bowls, tea rules, teaspoons, tea needles, water boilers, tea towels, teapots, tea lotus, teaspoons, tea boats and other 14 kinds of common items.

1. Teacups: There are large and small teacups, but usually different teacups should be used to drink different teas. Usually drinking tea also needs to choose the appropriate cup according to the color and shape of the teapot, so that you can easily watch the color of the tea soup and clean it. It is best to choose white or light colors for the teacup. Choose a teacup that is comfortable and gives a natural feeling.

2. Tea tray: The tea tray is used as a tray for placing teacups, and also prevents outflow of tea water. Both tea trays and teacups are matched, generally, round shapes are predominant.

3. Covered bowl: A teacup is divided into three parts: a tea bowl, a covered bowl, and a tea tray. And the role of the covered bowl is to play the benefits of making tea. Every kind of tea can not be separated from the covered bowl. The covered bowl is very important.

4. Tea nipple: Tea nipple is like chopsticks for our meal. Tea nipples and teaspoons have the same function. They are used to carry out tea dregs, and can also be used to wash cups with a teacup.

5. Tea needles: Tea needles can unclog blocked tea leaves for teapots, keep the tea flowing smoothly, and are also essential accessories.

6. Water boiler: The tea maker is indispensable for boiling tea. The water boiler can also be called a teapot. It is usually an automatic electric stove, which is convenient and easy to use.

7. Tea towels: Usually when we make tea, there will always be the tea that flows out on the surface of the teapot or the surface of the teacup. At this time, the tea towels play a great role. Tea towels are used to wipe off excess water, and can also wipe off tea on the table.

8. Tea canisters: Tea leaves are packed in tea canisters. Tea canisters must be selected in containers with no peculiar smell and sealed and light-tight. Tea cans are available in stainless steel, tin alloy, or ceramic containers.

9. Tea holder: Tea holder can be said to be an accessory for tea, and it also has the benefits of tea appreciation. The tea holder is mainly used to move the tea leaves from the teapot into the teapot. The material is generally made of bamboo, and it can be used as an admirable artwork.

10. Teaspoon: The main function of the teaspoon is to dig out the brewed tea leaves because the brewed tea leaves are tightly packed in the teapot, and the mouth of the teapot is generally not large, so the teaspoon plays a role.

11. Tea plate: The function of the tea plate is to put the teapot. After adding the teapot to the tea leaves and adding boiling water to brew into the tea plate, pour boiling water on the teapot to warm the pot or wash the teacup.

The above about what kind of tea set to buy for home use and how to use the tea set are introduced here. I hope it can help you. Thank you for reading.