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How to Choose A Projector

With the development of the times, projectors have become the standard equipment of most companies, and many families also put a projection device in the living room. It can be said that the use of projection is becoming more and more extensive, and the market is getting bigger and bigger. Then, do you know how to choose a projector?


1. Brightness

For projectors, brightness is the first parameter to consider, and should be selected according to the use scene and projection distance.

Projectors are generally marked with brightness parameters, such as lumens and ANSI lumens. ANSI lumens can more accurately reflect the true brightness of the entire screen, and ANSI lumens parameters are also more accurate, which has a higher reference value. The measured value of ISO lumens will be slightly lower than ANSI lumens, so ISO lumens will be brighter for the same lumen value. In general, the choice of brightness should be based on ISO lumens, and the ANSI lumens need to be converted into ISO lumens and then compared.

2. Light source

There are four types of projector light sources: LED, high-pressure mercury lamp, laser, and xenon lamp.

LED: The brightness is about 1500ANSI, the life span is more than 2W hours, suitable for night use, and the price is low.

High-pressure mercury lamp: Brightness above 3000ANSI, lifespan of 3000-5000 hours, high heat generation, suitable for various conventional scenes, and low price. You can buy these digital products for your office or home.

Laser: The brightness varies greatly from 2000 ANSI to tens of thousands, and the life span is very long. The brightness range determines that the laser projection can be competent for various conventional and professional scenes, but some colors will be biased and the price is expensive.

Xenon lamp: Xenon lamp can reach the brightness close to sunlight, but has a very short life span and high cost. It is the cinema light source.

3. Resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer the image, but the hardware requirements of the projector are correspondingly higher, and the price is naturally more expensive.

At present, the resolution of mainstream projectors has basically reached the level of 1080P, while the resolution of high-end projectors has reached the level of 4K. Although the parameters are good, they may not be all native resolutions.

Not all resolution parameters are at the same level. It can be said that most of the two or three thousand yuan projectors are not really high-definition.

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