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How to Choose A Good Coffee Maker?

There are many people who like to drink coffee, and more people drink coffee not only for a refreshing but for the taste of the coffee. If you are such a friend who likes to drink coffee, you might as well buy a coffee machine. In this way, you can make different flavors of coffee according to your preferences, but many people just like to drink and have not thoroughly studied it. So, how to choose a good coffee machine?

1. Recommendations for buying coffee machines:

The type of coffee machine should be selected according to everyone's lifestyle and coffee brewing preferences.

If you like the taste of American coffee and hate the tediousness of making coffee, a drip coffee machine is the best choice.

If you like espresso, cappuccino, and latte, in order to pursue the mellow and layered taste of coffee, and do not mind the trouble of cleaning the coffee machine, you might as well choose a pumped coffee machine.

If you are usually very busy, do not have much time to brew coffee, and want to drink coffee of various flavors, then the capsule coffee machine is the most suitable. You can find them at online appliance stores.


2. Type of coffee machine:

According to the extraction method, coffee machines are mainly divided into drip coffee machines, pump coffee machines, and capsule coffee machines.

Drip coffee machine: The drip coffee machine is generally composed of an upper funnel-shaped container and a lower coffee pot, so we also call the drip coffee machine a coffee pot, which is mainly used to make American coffee.

Pump pressure coffee machine: Pump pressure coffee machine is also called espresso coffee machine, which is made of high-pressure hot water to make espresso coffee. After high-pressure steam and water are mixed, the coffee essence can be quickly extracted, and there will be a layer of grease on it, then you can make a full-bodied coffee.

Capsule coffee machine: The manufacturer pre-fills coffee powder into a plastic capsule, and then fills it with nitrogen to keep it fresh. You only need to put the capsule into the capsule compartment, start the coffee machine, and you will soon be able to drink a cup of fragrant coffee.

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