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How to Choose a Domestic Electric Hammer and Electric Hand Drill?

1. Introduction of domestic electric hammer

The electric hammer is driven by a transmission mechanism to drive a piston to reciprocately compress air in a cylinder. Periodic changes in the air pressure in the cylinder drive the hammer in the cylinder to reciprocate against the top of the brick, as if we were hitting the brick with a hammer, hence the name electric hammer. The electric hammer has the advantages of high efficiency, large hole diameter, and long drilling depth. It can now be purchased directly online in taobao shop. If necessary, you can buy it quickly.


2. Introduction of domestic electric hand drill

An electric hand drill is a drilling tool that uses electricity as a power source. It is a conventional product in power tools and the most in demand power tool product. The working principle of the electric drill is that the motor rotor of the electromagnetic rotating or electromagnetic reciprocating small-capacity motor does the magnetic cutting operation. The working device is driven by the transmission mechanism to drive the gear to increase the power of the drill, so that the drill can scrape the surface of the object and penetrate the object better , So where can I buy a domestic electric hand drill? Online taobao shop to buy, quick and convenient.

3. How to buy electric hammer and electric hand drill?

How to buy electric hammer and electric hand drill in taobao shop? Electric drills can be divided into three categories: electric hand drills, impact drills, and hammer drills.

1. Hand drill: The power is the smallest, and the scope of use is limited to drilling wood and as an electric screwdriver. It does not have much practical value and is not recommended to buy.

2. Percussion drill: it can drill wood, iron and drill bricks, but cannot drill concrete. Some percussion drills indicate that concrete can be drilled, which is actually not feasible, but it is absolutely useful for drilling tiles and concrete with a thin outer layer of bricks.

3. Hammer drill (electric hammer): It can drill holes in any material and has the widest range of use.

The prices of these three types of electric drills are arranged from low to high, and the functions increase accordingly. How to choose them depends on their respective scope of application and requirements. You can buy them online in taobao shop.