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How to choose a car seat cushion?

Many car owners have bought new cars, caring about their cars, and want to buy a beautiful car seat, but they don't know how to choose. There are many kinds of car cushions on the market now, so how to choose a car cushion?

Several common materials for car cushions:

1. Linen cushion: Linen is relatively rare. Most of the so-called linen cushions on the market are linen blends. Of course, some people define linen as a linen cushion. Since it is a blended fabric, because of the cost, there are high and low grades, and the linen cushion is the best material for all seasons.

2. Ice silk cushion: Ice silk has the characteristics of slow heat absorption, so it is the best material in summer.

3. PU cushion: In a broad sense, leather, PVC leather, semi-PU, and full PU are used to be called PU cushions. Because of the difference in materials, the market price is also different. The suitable season for PU cushions is spring and autumn.

4. Faux wool cushions and pure wool cushions: the applicable season is winter.


What aspects should we pay attention to during the actual purchase of car cushions?

First, color and appearance. Look at the appearance from a distance to see if it has a strong sense of comfort, and look closer at whether the color of the details and the line of the inner layer is dark gray or pure. If it is dark gray, it is a counterfeit product.

Second, the brand reputation and praise rate of cushions. If you buy online, there will usually be reviews, and you can observe the positive reviews rate and negative reviews to get a general understanding of the brand.

Third, the quality of car cushions. The general car seat cushion is about 15 kg, and the high-quality car seat is more than 20 kg.

Fourth, the filling of car seat cushions. The padding determines the comfort of the cushion, and some use black cotton as padding.

Fifth, pay attention to the details of the cushion when purchasing a car cushion. For example, the color of the car seat, the built-in filler, the material, the feel, and so on.

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