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How Should Women Choose Underwear Correctly?

Underwear is very important for women. It can support the breasts and make them more fit and plump. Too tight underwear is not conducive to breast blood circulation and hinders breast development. Too loose underwear can cause breasts to sag. Therefore, ladies, you must be careful when choosing underwear. There are some key points you should pay attention to.

1. The bottom circumference of underwear

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing underwear is the bottom circumference of the underwear. If it is too tight, it means that the size of the underwear is too small, and you need to choose a larger size. If the bottom of the underwear is easy to pull in, which will cause marks, it means that the bottom of the underwear is relatively narrow and you need to wear a bra with a widened strap, which can increase the support and fixation of the chest, and it can also disperse and balance the chest fat.

2. There are indentations on the chest

After unwrapping the underwear, if there are obvious indentations of the underwear rim on the chest, it means that the selected underwear cup is relatively small. The underwear underwire is like a frame, mainly to support the breast, but if it is too small, it will press the breast and easily squeeze the fat together, and the breast will become smaller and smaller over time. 70% of the breast is fat, once the fat is reduced, the breast will become smaller and smaller. For good quality, you can buy your underwear at the best online store for women's underwear.

3. Underwear moves up

I believe that many women have experienced the embarrassment of their underwear moving upwards, especially when they raise their hands. If this happens, it is generally because the underwire is too loose. If the breast cup is too shallow, it will make the underwear not close to the body, and the underwear will naturally move up when you lift your hand, so you must pay attention to the size when buying underwear.

4. The shoulder strap often slips off

The suitability of the underwear can also be judged from the shoulder straps of the underwear. If the underwear is too loose or too small, the shoulder straps will slip off. In addition, if the underwear's shoulder strap style is selected incorrectly, this situation will also occur. Because everyone's shoulder shape is different, the styles to choose for different shoulder shapes are also different. Try not to choose a style that is too loose or too narrow, because most of the chest is lifted by the shoulder strap. The wider the shoulder strap, the better, and the stronger the tension, the better. Shoulder straps that are too thin can only play a decorative role, the pulling force is not strong, and it will cause the chest to sag for a long time.



Be sure to choose suitable underwear according to the bust, and choose pure cotton and breathable underwear. You cannot wear underwear when you sleep at night, otherwise it is not conducive to breast blood circulation.

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