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How Much Do You Know about Ink?

Ink can be seen everywhere in life. When using a printer, ink is the most expensive consumable, so how much do you know about ink?

Tips for using ink

1. Centralized printing

Every time you print, try to collect the printed files to print. In addition, setting to "Ink Save" mode during printing can also save ink.

2. Reduce cleaning frequency

In the process of using inkjet printers, the inkjet heads are often clogged. There are many reasons for the clogging, such as the working environment of the printer, the quality of the ink of the printer, and the idle time of the printer. Since a large amount of ink is consumed each time the inkjet head is cleaned, the frequency of cleaning the inkjet head should be reduced as much as possible.

Of course, when using the printer, you should pay attention to using the type specified by the printer manufacturer as much as possible, and the replacement speed should be fast; avoid leaving the printer idle for a long time, turn on the printer every 3 to 4 days, and automatically detect it once.


How to replace the ink cartridge

Take the Canon BJC-6200 inkjet printer as an example. The operation steps are as follows:

1. Turn on the power to ensure that the inkjet printer and ink cartridges are in a normal state. Open the front cover and the ink cartridge holder will move to the middle.

2. Open the top cover of the printer and take out the old ink cartridge.

3. Unpack the new ink cartridge, press the new ink cartridge into the slot, and lightly press the top of the ink cartridge to make good contact.

When replacing the ink cartridge, you must follow the steps in the operation manual. Generally, the printer needs to replace the ink cartridge with the power on, because the printer will charge the ink delivery system after replacing the ink cartridge. In addition, the printer uses the electronic counter inside the printer to count the ink volume. During the ink cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset the internal electronic counter to confirm that a new ink cartridge is installed.

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