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How Many Types of Bathroom Door Locks Are There?

When decorating the bathroom, one detail is involved, that is, the installation of door locks. What types of toilet door lock are there?

1. How many types of toilet door lock are there?

1) There is a spherical door lock, the handle is spherical, relatively simple to manufacture, and the cost is also very low, which can be used for toilet door lock.

2) There is also a three-bar handle lock. Its main material is made of iron, stainless steel, or zinc alloy. It can also be used for toilet door lock. There are also mortise handle locks, called split or conjoined, with a slightly higher safety factor.

3) When choosing a toilet door lock, you also need to choose the right material. Considering that the bathroom is relatively humid, you must choose a waterproof and corrosion-resistant lock. You can choose stainless steel or pure copper door locks, which are not easy to corrode and have a longer service life.

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2. How to maintain the door lock?

When buying door locks in taobao shop online, pay attention to choosing a lock that opens in the same direction as your door. When buying in taobao shop, pay attention to the width of your door frame. After purchasing in Taobao store, please pay special attention when installing the door lock on the door: only the end with the insurance can be removed before installation. Do not remove the end with the key for installation, it is best to carefully read the instructions. Do not drip engine oil into the lock core. If the key is not flexible to open, put some pencil lead chips into the key eye. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth to avoid rust. It is best to hold the handle when closing the door, screw the bolt into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Do not hit the door hard, otherwise the service life of the lock will be reduced.