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Household Small Midea Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can be divided into vertical, horizontal, and portable according to their structure. The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to use a motor to drive the blades to rotate at a high speed, generate negative air pressure in the sealed casing, and absorb dust. Vacuum cleaners are mainly divided into three types: household vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, and industrial vacuum cleaners.



The dust mites are sealed in the dust box, the exhaust is fresh and pollution-free; the fine sponge prevents secondary pollution; the HEPA filter can filter fine dust; the dust bin can be used for mobile phone dust mites, and the dust bin barrier can prevent dust mites Escape; the dust cup is easy to disassemble and wash, and it is simple and effortless to pour dust; ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold and effortless; efficient heat dissipation, prolonged service life; one-button start and stop, simpler control; stainless steel push rod, sturdy and durable.


Cleaning process:

1. Press the dust cup button to remove the dust cup

2. Take out the filter element and pour out the dust

3. Clean the dust cup, dry it for later use

4. Clean the filter element and dry it for later use



A New Upgrade Model Mini Small Handheld Vacuum Cleaners


About Midea vacuum cleaner:

Midea has a variety of targeted cleaning products such as smart sweeping machines, wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, cleaning, and sterilization mops, mite removal devices, bucket vacuum cleaners, and car vacuum cleaners. Midea has focused on the vacuum cleaner industry for 39 years, participated in 6 domestic and international standardization organizations, and led 13 national, industry, and group standard revisions, and won multiple awards at home and abroad, including AWE Award, Red Dot Design Award, Korea Good Design Award, IF Design Award, International Pin Up Design awards, American Industrial Design Excellence Awards.


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