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Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes for You

Punctual Atom Ds100 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Dual Channel can meet all your needs. It is small and exquisite. It also has dual channels, a signal generator, high speed, precision, automatic setting, parameter measurement, and waveform analysis. Its simple design feels smooth.

Dual channel

Dual-channel design, single and dual channels can be switched freely, and the application is more extensive. Punctual Atom Ds100 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Dual Channel has dual-channel measurement of low-speed signals and single-channel measurement of high-speed signals.

Signal generator

Output waveform: square wave, sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave

Frequency range: 10Hz~50Khz


High speed

50M analog bandwidth, 250MSa/S sampling speed

Strictly calibrate the analog bandwidth according to -3dB, 1/5 sampling rate, reject false standard

250MSa/S high sampling speed can ensure high-quality restoration of various signal waveforms

50M analog bandwidth, which can meet the actual needs of most users

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Repeatedly polish the front-end analog circuit to optimize the noise floor to ensure accurate and reliable measurement

Built-in pure hardware trigger circuit, accurately collect every waveform


auto configuration. One-key automatic (AUTO) set all parameters, the waveform is output in seconds, one step faster.

Parameter measurement

More than ten measurement parameters can be selected, Including frequency, period, duty cycle, peak-to-peak value, effective value, average value and positive pulse.

Waveform analysis

128Kpts waveform storage depth, after pause, the stored waveform can be expanded and moved left and right for analysis


It has intelligent anti-burn design and built-in protection circuit, can avoid burn-in to the greatest extent. The automatic scroll wheel speed assists in quickly completing the waveform adjustment & measurement. It has automatic power consumption control to maximize battery life.

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