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Guidelines for matching women's shorts

Shorts are a daily item for summer. Not only are they cool and neat, but they can also create a handsome feeling. However, one thing that needs to be taken into account is to make shorts, which have a seemingly casual style, also look decent and generous.

Principle one: High waist style shows a good figure

The high-waist design has almost become a prerequisite for good-looking trousers in this year's fashion street photography. It not only artificially divides the body proportions, shapes the effect of long legs, but also emphasizes the waistline, which is the winning detail for shaping and slimming.

Using a belt to emphasize the waistline, or the high waist of denim shorts, can get rid of the too casual feeling of shorts, and instead look neater, and can also create a feeling of generous long legs.

The high-waist denim shorts are also a favorite item for French girls in summer. For the seemingly simple white shirt, you can loosen a few buttons of it at will, but the waistline position must maintain a sense of tightness in order to maintain a sense of neatness while being free.

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Principle two: Light color and cotton and linen fabric

The heat of summer makes us often want to create a sense of lightness, especially for bottoms. Too full and bright colors, or too complex decorations, will only appear complicated, and it is even more burdensome for girls with pear-shaped bodies. Therefore, natural and elegant colors are not easy to make mistakes.

Shorts made of linen or breathable cotton fabric will be more suitable for summer. It has good sweat absorption, is soft and comfortable, and can also create a more natural and casual feeling. It is an ideal choice for many women who like casual style.

And this kind of fabric is also more suitable for creating an age-reducing effect. Compared with harder fabrics, the texture of cotton and linen will be easier to give people a fresh feeling.

There are also jumpsuit styles. The one-piece tailoring keeps the lines clean. The tone of the basic primary colors makes the sense of high-quality easily presented. Coupled with the soft and comfortable fabrics, you can have a sense of fashion effortlessly.

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