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Girls Must Try More Different Styles of Clothing!

Many articles of dressing are emphasizing one thing, that is, you must find your own dressing style that best suits you. Let's not talk about whether this style is easy to find, take the outfit itself, why should one only choose one style to wear? If she has one single temperament, can't she wear other styles of clothes? The answer is of course no.

Anyone who is very experienced in wearing clothes can manage multiple styles of clothes. So how should you choose different single items to match different styles?

Different Styles of Clothing

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Let's first talk about the Harajuku mix-and-match casual style that has been particularly popular in recent years. The Japanese Harajuku style is a style that Japanese youths like very much. Its style features are loose and comfortable, the color is darker, and it is casual to wear. So as the thinner girls, how to wear this style?

First of all, if you want to try this style, you have to change from the feet. Many girls like high-heeled shoes, casual leather shoes, and other shoes for their daily travels. They think it is more exquisite to wear this way, but if you want to try the relaxed Harajuku style, then you should replace your shoes with canvas shoes, preferably high-top canvas shoes. What matches with canvas shoes is loose washed jeans.

Harajuku style

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In the current trend, the mainstream jeans are skinny jeans. Although these jeans are more leg-shaped, they are very tight and uncomfortable to wear. So if you want to try the Harajuku casual style, you should replace the jeans with loose washed jeans. If you think that it will appear short legs or not capable enough, then you can choose jeans with nine points.

In terms of the upper body, it is difficult for so many girls to support loose-fitting tooling jackets. If you encounter this problem, you can choose to wear a loose sweater inside and then wear a tooling jacket outside, so that you can put on the clothes Slightly propped up, and put a sweater inside, it is also very comfortable to move, and a black fisherman hat is added to the top of the head.

Of course, as a girl, you can not only wear casual styles but also have a very beautiful and sexy way to wear them. So how should this style be worn? There are actually two main points of this type of wearing: one is the creation of the curve of the leg, and the other is the creation of the curve of the waist. The waistline is a small detail that every female star pays great attention to. The easiest way to create a waistline is not to press the top into the pants. This will not only create a clear waistline, but also adjust the height of the waist up, so that your legs look very long, and the proportion is very good.

In terms of the lower body, if autumn is not very cold, it is highly recommended to choose shorts with high-top leather boots, so that not only can you look very long legs, but also very sexy. Finally, in terms of color, there must be a clear color distinction between the top and the pants. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose the dark short-sleeved upper body and light-colored shorts. The shoes can match the color of the short sleeves, and finally, a slight slime coat is enough.

The casual and comfortable style and the sexy concept style are all finished. Finally, let me tell you how the cute style should be worn. You must pay attention to two points when you are cute. One is that your upper body must be slightly loose, and the other is that the colors are bright enough.

If the color of the upper body is dark, for example, black, dark green, etc., it must not be touched with cuteness. In the color selection of the top, it is mainly a bright color such as bright yellow and blue, and then you can choose the color for stitching, Whether it is the stitching of stripes or patterns.

Different Styles of Clothing

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After choosing a loose fit for the upper body, you can choose slightly slim-fit trousers for the lower body, of course, shorts are also possible. If your coat is very wide, then I generally recommend that you loosen the loose coat naturally, if you choose a normal coat or a slim coat, you can press a part of the coat into the pants to create a waistline position.

Of course, it's not that all girls like bright coats. Some girls like to choose pure white coats or T-shirts without a little pattern. If you want to increase the brightness of the overall color, you can choose a fisherman hat or a cap to match. A fisherman hat is a magic weapon for many girls. A bright fisherman hat with a lattice pattern can increase the overall color ratio.

Different Styles of Clothing

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Finally, let's talk about the choice of accessories. Regardless of the style of clothing, it is generally recommended to choose accessories with simple styles and darker colors, especially black accessories. Although there are many beautiful and bright-colored accessories on the market, the matching of bright-colored accessories is a little difficult, and it is easy to hit the color of the clothes, so it's better to choose low-key accessories.