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Get to Know the Rivet Gun Together

1. Introduction of rivet gun

The rivet gun was originally just a rivet specially used for the riveting process, and now the rivet shows its multi-functional ability. This makes it suitable for rivets in locations that are more difficult to connect. Whether it is stainless steel, steel, aluminum and other materials, indoor or outdoor soft connection or hard connection, the key aperture size and tolerance, when there is nothing to do, rivets can be perfectly solved in most cases. With the addition of the speed-resistant pneumatic rivet gun, it can be matched seamlessly.

The rivet gun has steel claws for pulling rivets, which can tightly grasp the stems of the pulling rivets, and press the heads of the pulling rivets to make the materials close together. At present, the use of pneumatic rivet guns is also common. Taobao online can choose pneumatic rivet guns. Using pneumatic rivet guns can save a lot of time and manpower, so if you need it, you can buy one on taobao online. The principle of action is to pass compressed air from the connecting pipe to the piston through the valve, so that the piston reciprocates in the gun body to form the rivet; the rivet gun is equipped with multiple nozzles with different apertures, which can be alternately loaded and unloaded according to actual needs.


2. The specifications of rivet gun

The rivet gun includes manual rivet guns, pneumatic rivet guns, and electric rivet guns. The size of the rivet gun depends on its length. Taobao online has a variety of rivet guns. The rivet gun is equipped with multiple nozzles and are marked with different calibers, which can be loaded and unloaded alternately according to actual needs. Blind rivets are a kind of mechanical fasteners. Blind rivets are used to permanently fix the workpiece. After the workpiece is fixed, the rivet workpiece needs to be destroyed to separate the fixed workpiece. This is different from fasteners such as rivets and screws. The process of connecting two or more workpieces with rivets is called riveting. The general riveting tool is called a rivet gun, and when using a rivet gun, only required one side operation. So if you need a rivet gun, you can by it on taobao online.