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Fashionable Digital Products That People Will Love!

There are some digital experiences at betteryoyo, the best taobao agent. Let's look at them together!

SSD solid-state drive

In the PC industry, there has never been a hardware update that can bring a huge experience improvement like a solid-state drive. As we all know, there is much hardware that affects the speed of the computer, but compared to the CPU that squeezes toothpaste, even if you upgrade from the first generation of Core to the eighth generation of Core, it is not as refreshing as to replace a solid-state drive.

SSD solid state drive

The reading and writing speed of the traditional mechanical hard disk is only 200MB / S, while the mechanical hard disk of most notebooks is less than 100MB / S, which greatly restricts the operating speed of the computer. If you change to SSD, it will be awesome, and the worst can easily be 400M / S. Several times of the increase is obvious, and it only takes a few seconds to boot. So most people who have used SSD will never return to a mechanical hard drive. Similarly, if you have experienced any gigabit PCI-E channel SSD, such as the Intel P3500 series or something, it is difficult to go back to the SATA interface SSD.

High-end headphones

There is a saying in the audio industry: "Ears can be upward compatible, but not downward compatible", which means that you have never heard of high-end headphones and you are not used to low-end headphones. Why is this? Because the resolution of the low-end headphones is not enough, the details of the entire tri-band are not ideal, and the high-end headphones are smoother in the sense of music and details. It can be said that the high-end headphones are more comfortable and comfortable in expressing details. The same song can be heard with high-end headphones. The low-end has never heard the details. The user has an inherent impression of these details and then listen to the low-end headphones to feel that the song is incomplete and loses its taste.

High-end headphones

This phenomenon is more obvious in the headset or multi-unit headphones, such as 1MORE's four-unit ring iron headphones, the unit design quality is good, with a wider bandwidth and tri-band tone, resolution, and rigidity of the entire tone I feel that the sound produces a condensed solid tone profile and sound field latitude, and basically I can wake up the small white fungus after a short audition.

Beauty camera

This electronic product probably doesn't need to be introduced much. After using the beauty camera, the girls firmly refused the ordinary camera without beauty function. Many users find their peak value in beauty cameras and ask how they can go back to the past.

In recent years, vivo and oppo mobile phones have been popular in the market, and the credit for beauty selfies is indispensable. Today, all mobile phones are equipped with beauty and skin beauty functions, which is not unreasonable.

Sports fitness partner

The summer without sweat is an incomplete summer. After changing the shape of the M5 with the strap, it immediately turned into a sports HiFi player, and the girl can easily control it when wearing it on the hand.

Sports fitness partner

It also has a built-in high-precision pedometer chip that supports the display of calories and steps, your most faithful sports partner.

Help you burn more calories.

I forgot to bring the power bank when I went out, can I listen to it for a day? Don't worry, the M5, which has a strong battery life, can reach 11 hours of battery life in a continuous playback state, go out to play with full power, and listen to a day without any problem!

You can talk and you can record with it. When it comes to the most frequently used devices with it, there is probably no one except the mobile phone. When your leader calls over the weekend, the reception speed must be within 5 seconds, you will know how important it is to support the call function.