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Family decorating Christmas tree-decorate your Christmas

The Christmas tree is the main home decoration of Christmas, and when the Christmas tree is filled with colorful lights, gifts, and paper flowers, the Christmas atmosphere at home is immediately revealed.


How to decorate a Christmas tree:

1. Treetop star

The treetop star is a star inserted on the Christmas tree, just like the crown of a Christmas tree. With the home decoration of the treetop star, a Christmas tree wearing a "crown" will also be quite immortal. Some treetop stars can also be charged and glow, which is very eye-catching.

2. Muppet

Hanging beautiful Christmas puppets on the branches of the gorgeously decorated Christmas tree will make children fall in love with them.

3. Snowflake

After the green Christmas tree is covered with decorations of various colors, you will still feel as if something is missing. By the way, it is the white snowflakes. At the same time, you can also buy some big snowflakes to hang on the roof, and you can enjoy the feeling of heavy snow in the room.



Christmas Pillow Set Santa Claus Elk Cushion Pillow Festival Home Decor


The features of the Oupin Christmas tree for sale:

1. Encrypted simulation tree, using imported environmentally friendly PVC material, beautiful tree shape, safe and environmentally friendly.

2. High-end quality, details reflect quality, fine workmanship, perfect tree shape.

3. Designed by professional designers, the tree shape has a strong three-dimensional effect and is more high-end.

4. Reinforced iron frame design makes it safer to use.


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