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Excessive Car Stickers May Cause Road Rage

Car stickers, like the updates we post on social media, are an old-school way of spreading our thoughts, opinions, absurd assumptions, insults, information statements, and political slogans. The slogan on the rear of the car can let the drivers behind know what you think, but can you stick as many car stickers as you want?

This question depends on your region. Of course, officials have their own ideas about this issue, because they have security issues to consider. In the United States, each state has different regulations governing the use of car window stickers. For example, Mississippi prohibits all car window stickers except for official stickers. On the other hand, Indiana only allows stickers of 25 square centimeters or smaller, and the stickers must be affixed under the windshield on the passenger side. Chinese law also stipulates that the area of car stickers cannot exceed 30% of the car body area, which requires approval.

According to a survey conducted by psychologist William Szlemko and a team of researchers from Colorado State University in the United States, there are definitely some car owners who put too many stickers on their cars. This is because a study they conducted in 2008 found that the number of car stickers may indicate the appearance of road rage. Even if all your stickers convey peace and love, the more things you stick outside the car, the more likely you are to be angry. But a small number of car stickers on the car are good, they look good and reflect your personality, and you can find many beautiful stickers and ornaments online.

Some people have a strong sense of identification with their car and regard it as a "personal territory" even if this "personal territory" is driving on public roads. The heavier a person's territorial consciousness is, the more likely they are to become violent when they think someone poses a threat to their space. Stickers are a good indicator of car owners’ sense of territory. So when we encounter a car with stickers on the road, we should try to avoid it.


In Brazil, do not park your car in a handicapped parking space unless you have this privilege. A healthy man parked his car in a handicapped parking space. Later, he found that his car was completely covered by stickers. In order to be able to see the road ahead in the car, he tore off some stickers. As a result, he saw the crowd mocking him, and finally, he drove away in shame. This incident shows that stickers have a good effect on conveying information and emotions.

No matter which country you are in, the right to express yourself is guaranteed by the Constitution. Car rear stickers are a trend, and sometimes a humorous way, allowing people to express their views on a subject publicly. But we must also consider whether it poses a threat to public order. If the language on the sticker is insulting, the power you express will no longer be protected, and you may receive a court summons or arrest. Therefore, it is advisable to just post a few stickers to add a bit of fun to the car and to convey some information. Once the number of stickers is too large, it may cause road rage and endanger public transportation, which is not advisable.

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