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Essential car accessories

Essential car accessories

For car owners, the car is the second important place just after home, and the configuration in the car is directly related to the comfort and happiness index of individuals and families. What are the necessary accessories for car accessories on the market? Let’s recommend a few for everyone.

Driving recorder

In recent years, with a sharp increase in domestic car ownership, the road traffic environment has become more complicated. In the face of this situation, installing a driving recorder for your car has become the first choice for car accessories to protect your legal rights.

OBD2 reader

The OBD system has the ability to monitor and indicate faults related to emissions-related components and system functions. It is inevitable that some minor problems will be encountered in the model car, the vehicle instrument will report the fault code, etc., don’t rush to the 4S store, plug in the OBD2 reader and check it by yourself first, maybe it will help you.

Emergency window breaker

During the torrential rains, the heavy rains everywhere must still be remembered. The continuous heavy rains in many cities have made many cars soaked in water. In the event of an emergency such as a car falling into the water or a fire in the enclosed compartment of the car, it can be easily taken out and smashed the glass window door to escape.

Car air purifier

In summer and winter, everyone likes to turn on the air conditioner in the car, so that the air will be difficult to circulate, and health problems will occur after a long time. At this time, a car air purifier is needed, which can filter both viruses and pm2.5 in the air, why not do it.

USB charger

As a tool for daily contact, communication, communication, payment, etc., almost everyone does not leave the phone. In order to ensure that the phone is always powered on, so as not to affect your life due to the phone's powerless shutdown, you should consider starting a car USB charger. In order to better keep your mobile phone charged. In particular, some old cars were not equipped with USB charging ports before, and they need to be expanded. And new car owners should not feel irrelevant to themselves. Many of the unlimited charging functions that can be accessed from the USB interface are convenient and high-end.