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Essential Accessories for Smartphones

Nowadays, in daily life, people's practical demand for mobile phones is increasing, and the requirements for digital accessories are also increasing. With the rapid development of mobile phone technology, various cool functions make people dazzled. As mobile phone accessories, they are also developing rapidly following the pace of technological development. All kinds of fun and cool mobile phone accessories are refreshing.

1. Folding Bluetooth keyboard

When you suddenly have work when you are out, and there happened to be no computer around, the folding Bluetooth keyboard will help you at this time. It is convenient to carry, and you can connect to your mobile phone to solve work difficulties anytime and anywhere.


2. External lens

Don’t need to connect any interface, you can use it with just one click. There are many kinds of external lenses on the market, such as wide-angle lens, macro lens, telephoto lens, etc., which are cost-effective.

If you are a photography enthusiast, buying an external lens is a good choice.


3. Touch gloves

It’s too cold to use your mobile phone outdoors in winter, so don’t be afraid of the cold when you wear touch gloves! It's easy to operate and keep warm, which is great! Most touch gloves on the market now have non-slip particles. Those who are afraid of the phone slipping don't have to worry!


4. Infrared remote control

Insert an infrared device, so that mobile phones without an infrared emission function can also remotely control home appliances. It is very convenient, you can turn on the appliance with your fingers, but the appliance must support infrared remote control before it can be matched.


5. Mobile phone projection

The mobile phone projection can be used as a home cinema or an office projection for business people. Whether you are watching a movie, displaying materials, or sharing works, you only need to connect to a TV or projector first, and then turn on the mobile phone projection with one button, and the contents of the mobile phone can all be enlarged and displayed on the wall or screen. It not only provides a warm viewing environment for the family but also allows business people to work more efficiently.


6. Mobile phone photo printer

Connect the mobile phone and the printer via USB or Bluetooth, you can directly print out the photos on the mobile phone. When in use, it will not be restricted by conditions, which is very easy and convenient. In addition, it supports a variety of sizes to solve your urgent needs when you need it.

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