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Electric Heaters Warm You For The Whole Winter

Electric heaters use electric energy as the main energy source and use resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, electron beam heating, infrared heating, and medium heating to heat the human body through direct contact, warm air convection, and far-infrared radiation.


Four reasons to choose Midea Electric Heater:

1. The patented hollow heat sink heats up faster: within 30 minutes, the heat-up speed is 21.2% faster than ordinary heat sinks.

2. The anti-scalding design is safer: the temperature of the double tail fin is 20℃ lower than that of the ordinary heat sink.

3.20-25 square usage range: good heat storage, more heat

4. Constant temperature and electricity saving: the electric heater has a special constant temperature system, which saves electricity when used.



Household Energy Saving Heater


Advantages of Midea Electric Heater:

1. High-quality heat transfer, constantly keep warm.

2. Double overheat protection, automatic power-off if the temperature is too high, heating is guaranteed.

3. Automatic power off when dumping, high safety performance.

4. Evaporative humidification box, heating is warm, comfortable, and not dry.

5. Foldable drying rack, heating, and drying clothes at the same time.

6. Rocker switch, easy to operate.

7. Environmentally friendly paint materials, heating more assured.


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