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Secrets about watches

The hot items in these niche watch brands are relatively cheap. Not only can they look good and have a texture, but you also don't have to worry about being the same with others, the key point is to highlight your unique taste.

618 big sales are coming. It is a good time to change the watch. Many people are asking if there is any cost-effective watch recommendation. Watches are the best choice to show one's personal taste. How to buy a watch and what style of watch to buy is probably a tangled problem for many people.

Before buying a watch, you need to know this introductory knowledge in order to choose a cost-effective watch. Otherwise, buying a watch with confusion is very painful. Today we are going to talk about what introductory knowledge we need to know before buying a watch. And if you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

1.Common watch types

There are machinery, quartz, light kinetic energy, radio waves. Mechanical watches are mainly divided into two types of manual winding and automatic winding.

Manual winding requires manual twisting of the mainspring as power, and the thickness is generally thinner than that of automatic winding, and the weight will be relatively large. The automatic mechanism also retains the function of manual winding, but there is an internal oscillating rotor that can turn the winding. Only the movement of the wrist can bring continuous kinetic energy to the watch.

Quartz watches are thinner than traditional mechanical watches, and the time is more accurate. At the same time, they don’t need to be wound frequently. When moving, the second-hand jumps every time. A battery can generally be used for two or three years. The price is much cheaper than mechanical watches.

The light kinetic energy meter can absorb the visible light source into the kinetic energy of the watch. It is more environmentally friendly. It can run in the dark for more than 100 days after being fully charged, and the time is accurate. The life of the rechargeable battery is generally more than 10 years.

Electric wavetable, a watch that can automatically calibrate the time after the electric wave of the calibration information, the electric wave table's error will not exceed 1 second for hundreds of thousands of years.

It is recommended that if you are buying a mechanical watch for the first time, you can choose an entry-level mechanical watch that is cheaper, you can experience the mechanical watch first, have a certain feeling for the mechanical watch, and then buy big and famous watches step by step.

2. Remember to waterproof on the watch

3ATM or 30 meters waterproof refers to the general life waterproofing, which is the water droplets splashed when washing hands, and the raindrops that fall when there is raining.

5ATM or 50 meters waterproof, it means that it is suitable for short-term swimming in shallows, not for diving or snorkeling. 10ATM or 100 meters waterproof, it can be used to wash cars and showers, but not soaked in water. 30ATM or 300 meters waterproof, can swim, but only for shallow swimming.

All watches are not "steam-proof". You can wear a waterproof watch to take a shower, swim, wash dishes, and wash your hands, but you can't wear a watch to take a hot bath. Once the steam enters the movement, the parts are rusted and the time is not accurate, and the watch is basically scrapped.

3. Understand the watch material

The most widely used is stainless steel, which will not be eroded and rusted by sweat. The ceramic material is comfortable and wear-resistant, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break. The material of the table mirror and the see-through cover is generally sapphire crystal glass, which is second only to diamond in hardness 9 and its characteristics are relatively wear-resistant and not easily be scratched.

When choosing a watch, you can determine its value and whether it has an allergic reaction to yourself based on the material made.