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Don't give up all your efforts just because you choose the wrong guitar

The guitar is a very sacred thing. It is one of the three major musical instruments, which is a kind of instrument with a long history. Its prototype can be traced back at least 4000 years ago and was popular in the late 19th century.

According to the material classification, the guitar mainly includes plywood, veneer, and a full single guitar. There are also some rare back veneers and side veneers.


Plywood guitars (market prices between 300 and 800) are relatively low-end guitars. This type of acoustic guitar uses hard-wood three plywood to form the front and backside panels. Acoustic guitars made with three plywood do not sound very good and can only be used for practice. It is the type chosen by many beginners because of its low price. Beginners should not expect too much of its sound quality. But remember that you need a guitar that feels better for the players.

Single-sided guitar (normal market price is between 800 and 2400), the panel is made of solid wood (no matter how you cut it, you can see the side wood grain texture), which is a major feature; although the back and side panels are made of plywood, the sound is better than full plywood acoustic guitar. Its wood will be more sensitive to sound and the tone will get better and better. Suitable for those who can learn guitar for a long time or buy an advanced guitar.

The full single guitar (normal market price is above 2400) is an acoustic guitar made of solid wood for the front panel and back and side panels. The sound of this guitar is much better than that of plywood guitars. The sound is thick, penetrating, and has better development. But this kind of guitar is also more delicate and requires careful maintenance.

Single-board guitar (normal market price is above several thousand yuan), which is the highest grade of acoustic guitar, not only the production process is complicated, but also the maintenance is particularly difficult. This guitar production no longer uses the splicing process, but the whole board is shaped and cut. Mainly appear in advanced concerts. In terms of sound quality and tone, this type of acoustic guitar is far superior to the former.

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