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Dehumidifiers Help Your Home Keep Dry

Dehumidifiers, also known as dryers, can generally be divided into two categories: civil dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers, and they belong to a member of the air-conditioning family.


On rainy days, the house tends to become damp, which can cause a series of problems:

1. Destroy indoor household items

2. Wall mold growth

3. Clothes will get moldy

4. Electric appliances are damp, short circuit of components

5. Food will get moldy

6. The floor will be slippery

Now, You need a dehumidifier to help your home keep dry.



Air Dehumidifier Desiccant Electric Dehumidifiers Moisture


Advantages of the Gree Dehumidifier:

1. I.E. intelligent humidity control: Automatically detect the relative humidity of the indoor air, and intelligently operate dehumidification, adjust the indoor humidity, and create an intimate and comfortable space.

2. 40 liters of dehumidification per day: 80 bottles of water can be pumped a day to solve excess humidity and restore a healthy environment.

3. Durable touch screen panel: Compared with traditional mechanical buttons, touch buttons are more durable.

4. Smart clothes drying system: automatically judge the drying environment and the degree of dryness and wetness of the clothes.

5. Silent mode, care for your sleep: no impact on sleep, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

6. 24-hour timing control, humanized timing design.

7. Reminder for filter cleaning: remind to clean in time to prevent the machine from clogging.


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