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Commonly used accessories for DSLR cameras

Now that you have bought a digital camera, you should use it freely. But because there are many camera accessories, many people don't know how to buy them. Below are some necessary accessories for digital SLR cameras commonly used by beginners in photography. And if you need it, you can buy digital products online.

Flexible control of light-external flash

Modern cameras must be equipped with a built-in flash. Digital single-lens cameras are no exception.

However, when shooting with flash, the light is too strong. Therefore, there may be many people who basically do not use flash photography. Therefore, it is recommended to use an external flash. The external flash is actually a flash connected to the outside of the camera. It is almost the same as the built-in flash in normal use, but the external advantage is that the angle can be changed.

Detail photography-single focus lens

A single-focus lens refers to a lens with a fixed focal length of one. Unlike a zoom lens, there is no zoom effect. This may give people an impression of inconvenience, but in fact, there are many people who prefer to use single focus lenses over zoom lenses.

The reason is that you can shoot without relying on the zoom of the lens. "Why not relying on zooming is a good thing?" Some people find it incredible, but if you use a single-focus lens that can't zoom, you can only adjust the composition of the sports yourself. Fashionable photos are only available with SLR cameras that blur the background to make the subject clear can be easily taken with a single focus lens with a small F-number.

Landscape photography-wide-angle lens

The advantage of a wide-angle lens is that it is very useful when shooting landscapes because of the deep depth of field. "Pan focus effect" can easily focus on parts outside the subject, suitable for expressing depth, height, and spread. In addition, the wide-angle lens has a "prospective effect."

Generally, the focal length of a wide-angle lens is 28 mm to 35 mm, but if you want to show a sense of scale, it is recommended to use a wide-angle lens with a focal length of 20 mm or less.


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