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Clothing Accessories

Although they are all details, they can create eye-catching fashion on the basis of the combination. Accessories are not limited to jewelry, has and scarves can be used as accessories, which become the highlight of personal taste. This Clothing Accessories collection offers many accessories that have both fashion and satisfying details. Whether you're looking for what kind of accessories, you'll find them here.

Different kinds of accessories

1. Scarves

Scarves are undoubtedly popular elements that have become hotter in recent years. Scarves are irreplaceable by other elements in the overall clothing match and are part of the charm of personal character. It is a part of rich collocation, rich colors, and overall coordination.

2. A pair of earrings with the unique taste

Although the earrings are small, they are important existence. If you like to exaggerate, you can choose whatever you like. If you like simplicity, you should also try to make it not easy to ignore. If you don’t want to have any accessories on your ears, it’s an option.

3. A unique bag

It is not necessarily a precious bag, but just a manifestation of self-aesthetic. This year's food basket bag is very popular, and a variety of similar woven bags are also a good choice.

4. hat

Not only does it have a function-sunshade, but it also has aesthetics, it serves two purposes. In summer, you need the vitality of young girls. Hats can be used for shading, and they can be used to create a fashionable feeling.

5. Patch

The patch is really an accessory that cannot be ignored. It can provide different styles and types for our entire style, and can better decorate and highlight for us.

The choice of accessories is varied, and even the same accessories can be matched with countless choices.


Choosing what suits you is better than choosing what you want. The one that suits you is the most beautiful.

Clothing accessories matching tips

1. Simple clothing with unique decoration

For girls who like to wear simple clothes, good-looking and appropriate accessories can also make us look fashionable, and can also give people a comfortable "casual sense", which is concise and decent.

2. When we wear bright colors or complex colors, if we add eye-catching accessories, our overall style will lose focus, and there will be counterproductive effects.

3. Don't stack multiple accessories

We sometimes stack accessories in order to show fashion, this method is only suitable for similar accessories, if too many non-similar accessories are piled up, it will also seem to have no focus.

4. Earring matching skills

Do we usually wear earrings to see whether they look good or not, and ignore the important role of earrings? That's the function of earrings to modify the face shape. Different face shapes with corresponding style earrings will make you look more beautiful.

The decorative effect of the large earrings is obvious. Through the transfer of the visual center, the effect of modifying the face shape is achieved. But also note that if the earring style you choose does not match your face, it will be counterproductive.

Long earrings are very dangling, which are more suitable for girls with square faces and round faces. The button earrings have a more harmonizing effect for the girls with a long face.

If it is a standard goose egg face, then you can wear various styles of earrings.

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