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Choosing the Right Shoes is Important

Not every girl can have a wall of shoes, and you don't need to have several pairs of shoes like everyone else.

It's important to choose the right shoes! This spring and summer only need these few pairs of shoes to match all your clothes!


Loafer represents a group of people with a free and relaxed attitude to life, and the meaning of Loafer shoes is self-evident.

Loafer shoes is indeed a casual shoe with comfortable and ever-changing styles. It is versatile, fashionable, and advanced, and is loved by many people of different classes and styles.


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No matter what style of loafer shoes are, they are very friendly to women of any shape. The U-shaped design of the shoe is the gospel of women with wider feet. They can also modify the shape of the feet and make your feet look slim. Slender.

Loafer shoes were originally men's shoes. Later, because of its comfortable performance and exquisite appearance, they also began to launch women's loafer shoe styles, and they have been circulating to this day.

It is comfortable to wear and not tiring to walk, plus the exquisite appearance with many clothes is very fashionable, so it is very popular with women.

Whether it is daily or attendance, Loafer shoes can be matched with a classic look without losing highlights, a pair of versatile Loafer shoes that can modify the foot shape and miss it!

Mary Jane shoes

"Spring without Mary Jane's shoes is incomplete."

Mary Jane shoes are a collective name for the American style of lace-up shoes. These shoes are generally shallow mouth styles. There are one or more buckle straps on the instep, which are both sweet and age-reducing.

It first appeared in the movie "Buster Brown" made in 1926 by a comic remake of American cartoonist Richard F. Outcault, because the pair of round-toed shoes that the protagonist Mary Jane has been wearing in the movie, people directly used her name to name the shoe.

Later in the 1920s, European and American fashion circles developed a new style of "Flapper girl". Girls wear hair accessories and step on Mary Jane shoes, which gives this shoe a unique retro feel.

Among European nobles, these shoes are also very popular. In the picture of "Downton Abby", you can see that Mary Jane shoes are worn on almost every noble ladies.

The earliest Mary Jane shoes were all black leather, and there was a string of rigor in classics.

But since entering the fashion circle, materials, colors, and styles have changed a lot.

As a result, Mary Jane shoes have an irreplaceable status in fashion week.

If you are a sweet girl or want to make yourself more girlish, a pair of Mary Jane shoes can instantly enhance these temperaments!

Flat-bottomed ballet shoes

Flat-bottomed ballet shoes are known for their elegant comfort and sweet low-key fashion style.

Look at the name to know that this is related to ballet. The flat shoes now were evolved from ballet shoes.

Ballet shoes can be traced back to the 16th century. It was also known as soft-soled shoes at that time and was very popular in the Middle Ages.

About 30 years later, the famous American sportswear designer Claire McCardell commissioned Capezio to design a series of flat shoes for her 1941 series, which further promoted ballet shoes.

Eventually, this style of shoes became a fashionable and ubiquitous style. Because of its comfortable, elegant, and sweet qualities, it quickly became one of the favorite shoes of all women.

Kitten heel shoes

Kitten heels usually refer to mid-heel shoes with a heel height of 3-5cm. The small and delicate heels are like kittens on tiptoes, so they are called Kitten heels.

Kitten heel shoes have an inseparable relationship with Audrey Hepburn. Kitten heel shoes can be said to be one of her favorite shoes. In movies, Hepburn often wore kitten heel shoes.

Kitten heel shoes

The perfect expression of her elegant little woman's temperament gradually set off such a wave of wearing Kitten heel shoes, making it a favorite shoe for all women in the 1960s.

This height is a boon for girls who don't wear high heels very much. It is also known as the most comfortable high heels.

After the changes and improvements of the times, the current Kitten heel shoes are more stylish and beautiful in addition to being comfortable.

This kind of highly moderate but feminine shoes are not as attractive and sexy as high heels, but with a playful sense of girls in elegance, every girl should have a pair!

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