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Choose the Right Windows Cleaning Tools Helps A Lot

Cleaning at home is very tiring, and it is more difficult to clean places with serious oil pollution. If we use some cleaning tools, it may be easier and the effect is good.

1. Glass cleaning

At present, the floors are getting higher and higher, and glass cleaning has become high-risk housework, so safe and suitable cleaning tools are very important. At the same time, the air quality is getting worse and worse, so glass cleaning has become a daily task of household cleaning. It is more important to buy a durable one. When purchasing, you must pay attention to the material of the pole and the material of the wiping head. It is best to choose a stainless steel pole, which is strong and durable. The most important thing is the design and material of the wiper head.

First of all, you must be able to adjust the angle of the wiper. When you wipe the window, the angle of different places is different. If the angle is not adjustable, it will be very troublesome for practical use. You should also pay attention to the materials for wiping the head. At present, the cheaper ones are sponge head and non-woven fabric head. In fact, if you want to use this one time, it is understandable. If you want to continue using it in the future, then sponge and non-woven fabric can't be chosen.

The most common is the telescopic rod universal glass wiper, this tool is very simple, practical, and convenient, and affordable. Try to choose a softer scraper, but the design should be flat and reasonable. It is inevitable that there will be some fine sand on the window. If the scraper is too hard, it will be very easy to scratch your brand new glass when it encounters sand.


2. Window frame cleaning

Many people may think that wiping the window frame with a rag is enough. In fact, some stubborn stains are very difficult to deal with, such as tape marks. If you use a sharp object to scratch, it is easy to damage the window, so you can buy a product that specifically deals with these stains. It is called Magic Wipe on the market. This product has a decontamination effect. It is very powerful and will not cause any damage to the surface of the object.

3. Window cleaning

Everyone doing housework may find that the most troublesome thing is the removal of sand and stains in the window trough. It is actually very simple, and there is only a suitable tool. You can buy the window brush, which is of suitable size, compact and convenient, you can find many home appliances like it online.

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