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Choose Bodycon Skirts in 3 Steps, Showing Graceful Curves

Speaking of bodycon skirts, the first word that pops up in everyone's mind is probably sexy. The three-dimensional tailoring that fits the body shape creates a golden ratio, even the imperfect body shape can show the effect of a great body.

After wearing a tight skirt, you can present an elegant arc shape, highlighting the charming body curve. However, it will show the defects of the figure if it is not worn well.

Choose according to fabric:

There are many kinds of fabrics for bodycon skirts, and different fabrics show different styles and temperaments.

1. Knitted fabric

The knitted fabric is soft and breathable, with excellent elasticity and extensibility. But just because it has a certain degree of softness, the woven skirt is not stiff enough, easy to fall off and curl up, but its skin-friendly nature can not be ignored, it is comfortable and close-fitting, without restraint.

Selection advice: knitted fabrics are more close-fitting, and the requirements for figure will be higher. But for girls with curvy and plump hips, the bodycon skirt of this fabric can magnify the advantages of the figure and show feminine charm.

2. Lace fabric

Lace has a natural elegance and is one of the elements that women cannot resist. No matter what clothing, as long as the lace design is added, the overall texture will become different, and tight skirts are no exception.

Selection suggestion: Lace element exudes charming beauty, but its fashion sense is not very strong, it has a certain sense of sweetness, suitable for beginners who want to try the elegant style, not too rigid but also showing femininity.


Choose according to length:

Tight skirts can show the beauty of curves, but skirts of different lengths will create a different style. When choosing, you should choose according to your body shape.

1. Short

The short length is in the area above the knee. This type of skirt can just cover most of the thighs, clearly revealing the entire calf, giving it a cool and youthful feeling.

Selection suggestion: This kind of skirt has relatively high requirements for the figure, so it is suitable for girls with slender legs.

2. Mid-length

It refers to the length below the knee and above the calf, generally between the knee joint and the middle of the calf. Although this length of the skirt is not as lively as a short skirt, it gives people a dignified and elegant feel.

Selection suggestion: For girls with thicker thighs, this mid-length style can play a role in modifying to a certain extent; but small people should avoid this skirt. For more choices, you can buy the dresses at online dress stores.

Select according to design:

1. Splicing design

Monochrome skirts are relatively monotonous, and many designers will use different fabrics and different colors of splicing technology, which can not only show personality, but also enhance the sense of fashion.

Selection suggestion: For styles like color block stitching, it is recommended that no more than three color blocks are used on the overall skirt.

2. Print design

Prints with eye-catching colors often touch people's hearts at first glance. Whether it's dating or daily commuting, its existence can enrich the overall look.

Selection suggestion: In the choice of printing, avoid overly complicated styles. Too many colors will cause a burden on the vision. Relatively speaking, plain printing or orderly printed patterns can increase the sense of style.

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