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Choose A Practical Projector for Your Family

Projectors are currently widely used in homes, offices, schools, and entertainment venues. According to different working methods, there are different types such as CRT, LCD, and DLP.


The advantages of the GIMI projector


1. Quick start, no advertisement interference on a switch machine, quick start within 7 seconds.

2. Fully automatic keystone correction.

3. Full-screen autofocus, turn on or move the machine, the picture is always clear.

4. Support mobile phone screen projection, including Android, iOS, Mac devices.

5. Good sound quality, the original sound system polished by the three major teams of Harman/Kardon, with high standards and good performance.



Projector Portable Phone Mini Projector Led Home Projector 1080p



They are all marked with the same brightness. Why are our products actually brighter?


The size of the DMD chip determines the upper limit of the brightness. Most of the projectors within 3000 yuan choose the lower cost 0.23" DMD chip, and the 0.33" DMD chip selected by the NEWZ6X can carry greater luminous flux and is more excellent in real brightness and picture details.


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