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Choose A Good Car Mat for Your Car

With the improvement of people's living standards, cars are becoming more and more popular, and car mats, as necessary consumer goods for cars, have more and more types and varieties.


Three Different Materials for You to Choose From:

1. Nano velvet: soft and comfortable feet, non-absorbent, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and odorless, this car floor mat is suitable for children, the elderly, and other people.

2. High-elastic yarn: good abrasion resistance, quick-drying, environmentally friendly, no odor, slightly weaker dirt resistance, suitable for continuous rain areas.

3. PVC wire: strong dirt-resistance, easy to clean, slight rubbery smell, abrasion resistance is slightly weaker, suitable for muddy areas.



Car Floor Mat Mini Cooper R50 R52 R53 R56 R57 R58 F55 F56


The Advantages of LUOBANG Car Floor Mat:

1. According to the shape of each part, the original version is three-dimensionally cut and hand-sewn, supplemented by French stitching, to create a new luxury interior.

2. Whether it is material, touch, tailoring, or craftsmanship, it is breathtaking.

3. Create an accurate version of the light luxury interior for the driver, and feel the light luxury lifestyle.

4. The thickness of the golden ratio wire loop, soft and comfortable without deformation.


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