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Since the appearance of writing, writing has undertaken most of the recording and dissemination of human knowledge. Traditional publications: newspapers, magazines, and books. In the long years, they have undertaken the functions of human wisdom and information exchange. If you want to buy books online, then take a look at Betteryoyo.

What are newspapers, magazines, and books?

1. What is a newspaper?

Newspapers are printed publications that are regularly distributed to the public, mainly containing news and current affairs comments. It is an important carrier of mass communication and has the function of reflecting and guiding public opinion.

2. What is a magazine?

Magazines have fixed titles and are printed readings published regularly or irregularly, in order of period, volume, number, or year and month. According to a certain editorial policy, it assembles the works of many authors into a book and publishes them regularly, also known as periodicals.

3. What is a book?

Books refer to books and text bound into a book. In a narrow sense, it is a collection of paper with text and images. Books in a broad sense are all media for disseminating information.


What are the differences between magazines and books?

1. Continuity

Magazines are serial publications, and books are non-serial publications.

2. Timeliness

The magazine requires closeness to real social life. Once the times change, it will appear "old" and show strong timeliness.

Books have relatively stable characteristics, and the timeliness is relatively weak.

3. Rhythm

The publishing time of a magazine generally has a cycle requirement, showing a clear rhythm.

In general, the publication time of books is not strictly required.

4. One-time

Magazines are generally not reprinted, but they can be published in collections, such as bound editions and selected editions.

Books are effectively sold for a longer period of time, often with multiple reprints.

5. Directionality

The magazine has a clear audience, so you can use subscriptions and other means to directional distribution, forming a stable readership.

Although the book also has its own readership, each new book must have a process of obtaining market confirmation.

In addition, because the magazine has the characteristics of directional and regular distribution, and has a relatively stable circulation, it can often become a good advertising carrier and is highly valued by advertisers. Books basically do not carry advertisements, and even if they apply for publication occasionally, their dissemination effect is generally not as good as magazines.

6. Content

Magazines are slightly inferior in the freshness of the event, but they emphasize the depth, the content is not so extensive, and the content of professional journals is even more limited.

Books don't pay much attention to the freshness of the content, but their professionalism and systematicness are the strongest. Even in a certain profession, it is a comprehensive and in-depth explanation, argumentation, or description of one or several problems.

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