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All kinds of musical instruments

Musical instruments generally refer to utensils that can play timbre and temperament in various ways. Common musical instruments are erhu, violin, piano, guitar, flute, harmonica, trumpet, guzheng, accordion, drum, etc. After all, the optional range is too large, if you want to buy the right one, then take a look at Betteryoyo.

What are the types of musical instruments?

Musical instruments are generally divided into folk musical instruments and western musical instruments. The modern taxonomy categorizes all musical instruments in the world into five categories: body-singing instruments, membrane-singing instruments, gas-singing instruments, string-singing instruments, and electric-singing instruments.


National percussion instruments: drums, tambourine, clapper, gong, cloud gong, cymbals,  wooden fish, clinking bells, castanets, plate drums, tambourine, bells, square rings, chimes, etc.;

National wind instruments: gourd sheng, gourd flute, gourd silk, flute, etc.;

National string instruments: Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa, Huqin, etc.;

Woodwind instruments: flute, piccolo, wood flute, clarinet, oboe, British pipe, big pipe, saxophone, etc.;


Western keyboard musical instruments: pipe organ, accordion, electronic organ, etc.;

Western percussion instruments: timpani, xylophone, steel piano, pipe bell, drum set, snare drum, bass drum, triangle iron, tambourine, castanets, sand mallets, cymbals, gongs, etc.

How to choose musical instruments online for children?

Those who have studied musical instruments must know that the bigger the musical instrument brand, the more expensive the price, and the better the quality. In the musical instrument market, quality and price are basically related, and they are also good or bad in the same grade.

So how should we choose?

1. The choice of musical instruments depends on the age of the child

Judging from the mental development and physical development of young children, it is still too early for children 3-4 years old to learn musical instruments. Children under the age of 3 have a small vital capacity and have difficulty learning to play the wind. It is best not to choose this kind of musical instruments in the early childhood; you can start learning keyboard instruments such as piano, keyboard, accordion, etc. around 5 years old; while learning string instruments, such as violin, etc., should be above the age of 6. Generally speaking, after studying keyboard instruments for one year, after mastering pitch and rhythm, it is better to learn string instruments. 3-6 years old is a key period for children's music development. But at this time, the child's hearing development is still immature, so many children do not have a good grasp of intonation concepts. It is better to learn keyboard instruments with a fixed pitch, such as piano, accordion, organ, electronic organ, etc. During the learning process of this kind of musical instrument, children can easily obtain a stable and accurate pitch sense in their playing. After buying such instruments, pay attention to frequent maintenance (especially piano), because the piano strings are easy to loose, and the inaccuracy of the sound is harmful to the development of the child's ear. Another reminder is that the sounds of musical instruments such as toy electronic pianos and toy pianos are easy to be inaccurate. Do not use them as practice pianos, which will have a bad influence on children's piano learning.

2. The choice of musical instruments depends on the child's hearing

If you let your children learn bowed string instruments such as erhu and violin, you need to pay attention to that these instruments have no fixed pitch. Children learn this kind of musical instrument to rely on their own hearing to tune. If your child has poor hearing, learning this type of instrument is difficult. You can use a variety of different tones (such as the sound of animals or car horns, etc.) for children to imitate and try their hearing. Generally speaking, if children can correctly imitate the tone they emit, they have the listening conditions to learn such instruments. If they cannot, it is not appropriate to learn such instruments immediately.

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