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A Must in Your Kitchen- Supor Shovel Spoon Set

Advantages of the Supor Shovel Spoon Set

1. Food grade stainless steel material, safe to use;

2. Not easy to rust, easy to clean;

3. PP material handle, rivet reinforcement, strong and durable, accord with ergonomic design;

4. The arc design not only increases the strength of the kitchenware itself but also fits the pot wall.


Cooking Appliances included:

1. Chinese shovel: deep concave shovel surface design, easy to stir fry; arc shovel angle design, does not hurt the pot.

2. Large and small spoons: easy to ladle soup; two sizes to meet different needs.

3. Large colander: multiple dense holes, quick dripping.

4. Skin planning knife: easy to plan and more durable.

There are many cooking appliances of a variety of model combinations for you to choose from.


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The difference between 304 steel/400 series steel:

304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel, 400 series is martensitic stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is not magnetic, 400 series is magnetic. Compared with the 400 series, 304 has a high nickel content, about 8-10%.

However, this kind of stainless steel cannot obtain higher strength through flexible heat treatment, so 304 stainless steel will not be used to manufacture knife bodies, but only used in knife handles, knife holders, etc. Therefore, you cannot simply judge whether it is stainless steel from whether it is magnetic or not.

The chromium content of 400 series stainless steel is lower than that of 300 series stainless steel, but there is no carbon deposition problem like 300 series, and it can be heat-treated and can be used in a working environment with a high temperature of 120OF (about 393 degrees Celsius).


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