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A Few Tips for Men's Leather Clothing Purchase

Leather jackets are unruly, it is a must-have item in the wardrobe. Many men want to buy but can't take the first step. Why? That's because people don't want to buy inferior leather clothes, but good leather clothes are expensive, and they are afraid of spending money wrongly. So how to choose leather clothing?

Tips one:

Choose yellow leather, the most cost-effective material.

Small calf leather (that is, the skin of a calf cub), not only has all the advantages of calf leather, but also eliminates the shortcomings of low leather softness, but the price is indeed many times that of ordinary calf leather.

The surface of buffalo leather is rough, the fiber is looser, and the strength is lower than that of yellow leather; Sheepskin is characterized by its soft, smooth and delicate hand and small pores. It is a very suitable raw material for leather clothing, but it is not strong enough and has poor durability; Pigskin has obvious advantages: durable, fashionable and cheap. The shortcomings are also obvious: slightly poorer air permeability, harder leather, and generally used as the lining of leather shoes.


Tips two:

In the production process, stay away from over-corrected leather.

During the tanning process, 3 types of leather with different attributes will be born: Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, and Corrected Leather.

Corrected Leather refers to leather obtained by grinding leather to remove blemishes, removing original particles, and then obtaining artificial animal skin particles by mechanical extrusion.

Corrected Leather is an over-corrected leather, which means that the leather itself is of poor quality and needs to be chemically treated to make it look better. But these treatments will affect the durability and breathability of the leather. As the wearing time grows, they will crack and break. You can also find many handsome leather of good quality at Taobao fashion shops.

Tips three:

Choose a leather jacket that fits the size (or even a smaller size). why? Because the price of ordinary leather clothing is low, in order to increase sales, the version of the brand design will be more loose to achieve tolerance for different figures. And the right size means that it takes more cost and effort to check the size, they will be more expensive and have a better quality.

If you want to buy from taobao, it’s best to measure your bust in advance. If you have a big arm, you should also measure your arm circumference.

Tips four:

Maintenance method of leather clothing:

If it is dirty, you can use a clean flannel dipped in protein liquid or coated with a layer of Vaseline to wipe, which can decontaminate and make the leather surface shiny. This method is not only suitable for leather clothing, but also for other leather products.

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