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3 Types of Necklaces Are Popularly Worn, Noble and Fashionable

The neck-to-shoulder line is one of the most charming parts of a woman. The addition of a necklace is undoubtedly the icing effect on the "neck", embellishing the slender neck of the woman.

There are two statements about the origin of the necklace. One is the custom of "robbery of marriage" originating in the primitive society. During the patriarchal clan period, the status of men was much higher than that of women. They often snatched women from other tribes as their wives. To avoid their escaping, the winners used metal wires or ropes to wrap the women's necks. Later, due to social and cultural changes, a marriage token was formed.

There is also a saying from some "totem nations", who think that the neck is closely related to life, so they will choose the totem of faith to hang on their chests, and pray for the "magic" of the totem to protect their lives, and at the same time, the royal nobles also use it to show their identity and status. And if you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

Neckline determines the necklace length

People with long necks and strong lines often give people an elegant and distinctive feeling. They can visually elongate their height and make them stand out from the crowd. But this inherent advantage is not available to every girl. In this case, we can make up for the shortfall with necklaces.

Girls with short necks tend to give people a feeling of not being slender enough, and they may even look a little strong. Such a neck is best to avoid necklaces that are too small, such as the collar that is popular nowadays. This kind of collar will show the neckline is thick and short, and it will appear abrupt itself. Wearing a necklace with a sense of line, depending on the V-shape formed by the pendant of the necklace, has the effect of lengthening the neckline.

A slender neck will be a good match for necklaces but avoid necklaces that are too long, otherwise, the neck will look too long and cause inconsistent body proportions.

A little secret in the necklace

Do you know? The length of the necklace is not arbitrary, but it has a standard length and name.

The necklace that is usually worn every day is about 40 cm and does not require specific clothes and styles to match. 36 cm and below are collectively referred to as short necklaces; 40 cm are graduation necklaces; 42 cm is princess necklaces; 54 cm is morning necklaces; 71 cm are dress necklaces; 107 and 142 cm necklaces are called long necklaces and extra-long necklace.

In addition, the buttons of the necklace are also divided into several types, the most common buttons are the lobster button and the organ button. It is most commonly seen on the clavicle chains and relatively small and thin necklaces in summer. The lobster clasp is named because it looks very similar to the lobster. Compared with the thin and light organ clasp, the lobster clasp is thicker and heavier. The pearl buckle necklace has a stronger three-dimensional sense, and the use of pearl-like ball buckles is more integrated with the necklace. Most of the M buckles are used on gold necklaces, which are connected by hand breaks. This kind of buckle is not prone to instability and breakage at the interface.

In fact, no matter what kind of material or style, it will not affect the beauty that the necklace gives you. It allows you to have a super-slender neck, which makes people have to love.